What Installers Need To Know About High-Efficiency, Gas-Fired Appliances

Neutralize The Acid - Guide CoverDid you know that incomplete high-efficiency, gas-fired appliance installations are creating a major problem in the United States? These systems are producing a combined 9 billion gallons of acidic condensate per year, causing enormous damage to plumbing, drains, and wastewater infrastructure.

Installers are a critical component to solving America’s emerging acidic condensate problem. Learn how including condensate neutralizers as part of your condensing heating appliance installations can offer a simple solution to a big problem and position you as an industry leader. When you download this guide, you'll:

  • Learn how improperly installed high-efficiency, gas-fired appliances are leading to an emerging crisis, and how leading installers can help
  • Discover how to add value to your appliance installations by including JJM® condensate neutralizers

You can be part of the solution—and differentiate yourself as a best-in-class service provider—by installing a JJM® condensate neutralizer with every high-efficiency, gas-fired appliance. Get the guide now to learn more!


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